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Small Groups

Being a part of a small group community is so important in growing in your faith. At BCUMC we have opportunities to connect with others in a small group setting.

Interested in Joining a Small Group? Contact Us and we'll get you connected!

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Men come together to listen to the Spirit of Christ speaking to us through the written Word of God. We ask the question, "What is God saying to me about my Christian journey in faith?" We seek the answers through the Christian Scriptures. Simply put, we read God's Word, the Bible. The Scriptures guide and direct us into God's will for our lives today and to a Next Level of faith.

In this NEXT LEVEL meeting there are three ways we engage together. 

1. The first 1/2 hour we eat, and encourage each other's faith.

2. We read God's Word aloud and pray for the Spirit to guide us into the truth that we read and to take us to the Next Level of faith to live out through the next month.

3. Lastly, we pray for each other to accomplish our Next Level of truth revealed to us. 

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Women's Small Groups

Our Women's small groups meet monthly to encourage one another and to grow stronger in their faith together. Their current study is based on the book "The Struggle is Real" by Nicole Unice. 

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"What’s your struggle?"
"Today, it might be a struggle between you and someone you love. It might be the struggle to get up every morning, pay the bills, feed the kids, and try to find time to exercise, do your devotions, pray, and love your spouse. Or maybe it’s more of a 3 a.m. struggle, when you lie awake because your mind won’t stop churning with all the “what ifs” or “if onlys.”

From cover to cover, the Bible is all about our raw reality in the struggle. It’s about the beautiful results created from the struggle. It’s about the intangible and eternal things we learn in the process . . . and it’s about the people we can become through it all."

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