Welcome! We're excited that you've joined us for this Good Friday experience. At each station you will encounter a part of Christ's journey to the cross. Stations are numbered 1-8. There is a video that corresponds with the number on each station.

Station 1:

Welcome and Instructions

Station 1

Station 2:

Jesus is Condemned to Death

Station 2

Station 3:

Jesus Bears The Cross

Station 3

Station 4:

Simon Bears The Cross

Station 4

Station 5:

Jesus is Nailed to the Cross

Station 5

Station 6:

Jesus Dies on the Cross

Station 6

Station 7:

Jesus is Placed in the Tomb

Station 7

Station 8: 

Jesus is Risen!

Station 8

Jesus has paid the ultimate price for our mistakes and has conquered death and the grave! Thank you so much for joining us for this experience. If you don't have a church home we would love for you to join our church family. You are welcome here!

Join us for worship on Easter!

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